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Deen Larsen: Another Side of Elly

ThumbnailDeen Larsen’s extraordinary words stop me in my tracks.  My tracks, so often hasty and restless, at first resist the meditative depth of his thoughts, but then, slowing out of curiousity, welcome the provocation.  Thank you, Deen, for...

Emily Ezust: Some Thoughts on the Gentle Art of translating

ThumbnailIt can be disappointing to open an art song recital program and find no translations inside, especially these days when there can be such delightful variety in the languages offered in one concert. Perhaps many North American audience-members will know enough French or Spanish to get the gist of...

Richard Turp: Emerging from a Shadow

ThumbnailThe recent passing of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau set me thinking about not only his overall legacy but more specifically his influence on the present generation of lieder singers. It is difficult to accurately evaluate his legacy partly because his death is so recent and because...

Terence Dawson: Collaborative Piano and the developing Musician


In the context of piano study, the term collaborative pianist could imply that a pianist who plays chamber music avoids discussing or even performing the solo repertoire, thereby delegating them to a secondary role.

 Most certainly, the study of all genres of music is necessary to avoid gaps in a student’s musical development... 

Artist Profile: Julius Drake


Stats: Collaborative Pianist, lives in London

Next recitals: Zurich, Vienna, Madrid, Florence

Erika Switzer spoke to Julius Drake in June 2012 over the phone as he was preparing for a series of concerts with his frequent musical partner Gerald Finley, and his interview follows: 

J:  I’ve just been rehearsing with Gerry (Finley).

E: How’s it coming together?

J: Fine. We were rehearsing Winterreise, we’re about to...  

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