Michael Brofman: Libby Larsen in context

Next Saturday, the Brooklyn Art Song Society will present the third installment of its new music series In Context. The purpose of In Context is to present the works of living composers alongside ‘standard’ repertoire with the goal of showing continuity instead of contrast. Art song is especially well equipped to...    

Sarah Wolfson: Remembering Elliott Carter

On Tuesday November 6th I woke up in Montpellier, France to be greeted by sad news.  Although he had reached the ripe old age of 103, I was still sadly taken aback by the death of the extraordinary composer Elliott Carter.  It seemed curious timing since I was in France to perform... 

Jonathan Ware: Schubert & Co.

New York based pianists Lachlan Glen and Jonathan Ware are part way into an ambitious project: to perform all of Schubert’s Songs in one season.  It takes a village to make something like this happen of course, and it turns out that the Schubert-Village is thriving.  Singers and pianists are 

Lucy Shelton: How to celebrate Pierrot Lunaires' 100th Birthday!

Yes indeed, this Tuesday

is the night to celebrate all things PIERROT!!!!!!! 

Here is my recommendation of activities and thoughts for the whole day...

[repeat as many times as you like]

Renate Rossol: Summer Program's Part II

As a double-major in solo piano and music history at the University of Manitoba, in Canada, I always gravitated toward Art Song and involved myself in projects and classes dedicated to this art form. In 2010 and 2011 I had attended summer programs dedicated to Art Song (the Vancouver International Song Institute – VISI, and    

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