Artist Profile: Christine Brewer

Stats: Christine Brewer, Soprano, American, Down to earth Diva!

Next Recitals: Eugene Oregon, Washington D.C.

I first met Christine Brewer when I was an apprentice at the Santa Fe Opera and she was singing Ellen in Peter Grimes.  My now husband can attest to the fact that I watched her scenes from the wings every single night when we weren't on stage as chorus.  She is a force to be reckoned with as a performer, but off stage, she is a gracious, humble woman who can tell a great story over a beer at the local dive ...  

Martha Guth:A Dirndl for Schubert, and other choices for your upcoming recital

We’ve all been to recitals in venues where the performers come out in a dated gown, and I am definitely not above reproach when it comes to this. Dare I say it: dated clothing for the dated music we are about to hear. A Dirndl for Schubert anyone? It seems...


Earlier this month, we had a conversation over email about the Collaborative Arts Institute of Chicago, with Pianist and Executive Director Shannon McGinnis. This is a (relatively) new venture in the Art Song World.   From the 29th-31st of March, they are presenting recitals of Schuberts’ seminal Song Cycles, Die schöne Müllerin, and Winterreise, with Jesse Blumberg, Baritone and Martin Katz at the Piano.


This is a diary of the rehearsal process of a Songmakers Almanac Recital recently performed in London with pianist Graham Johnson.  He has supplied the program notes and the written history of his particular recital format. What follows is part of the journey.  Here now are a few bites from these full days…

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